On a golden ball in the middle of the water stands a man holding a Horn of Plenty. The sculpture refers to Fortuna, the goddess of fortune and the patron goddess of cities, families and people. The overflowing horn symbolises the material prosperity of those lucky enough to come into contact with it. The golden ball, however, rotates ceaselessly on its axis, a reference to the water as an unpredictable force – just like the chance of good fortune. The bounty that happens to wash over us at one moment may be taken away by fate, as quickly as it came. You only have to look at the history of Sneek.

Bronze, coating
Over 3 m high

Source of inspiration: the periods of great prosperity and decline in Sneek
Location: in the water of the Hoogend
Address: Hoogend, 8601 EM Sneek

The Fountain of Fortuna

Stephan Balkenhol



Stephan BalkenholDuitsland

Stephan Balkenhol (1957) is considered one of the most important contemporary sculptors. His human figures carved out of wood or made in bronze make fun of us in a humorous way or gently illuminate the oh-so-human history of a city or location. In Sneek, a city with a long, historical connection to Germany, his fountain reminds us of the alternating periods of prosperity and adversity. Just like life itself.

Experience Sneek

The Sneeker Waterpoort, the Sneek Week, Grutte Pier… Sneek is known for many things. The Waterpoort (water gate) is the symbol of the city and of the Sneeker skûtsje, a traditional Frisian sailing barge. Every year, these skûtsjes are used in highly exciting sailing races against other historic skûtsjes.

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