The source of inspiration for the fountain of Hindeloopen is the tree of life on the city’s coat of arms, with the buck and the doe surrounding it. The tree symbolizes the life force, but also stands for wisdom. The buck and the doe feed themselves with it. Magnificent exotic birds reside in the tree. If you sit on the large, wooden antlers that surround the tree, you can see how, by spewing water, they ‘talk’ to each other. About us?

Copper, steel, Accoya wood, stone
Tree: 3.6 m high, 2,5 m wide; antlers: 7.5 m long, 2.1 m high

Source of inspiration: The old coat of arms of the city of Hindeloopen
Location: the field at the Nieuweweg
Address: Nieuweweg 1, 8713 KA Hindeloopen

Flora & Fauna

Shen Yuan



Shen YuanCN

Shen Yuan (1959) is one of the few female Chinese artists who have made it into the international art world. In all her work she shows that cultures constantly influence each other, but also that you don’t have to deny your own background. Again and again, she combines traces of traditional Chinese art with impressive craftsmanship. All this fits seamlessly into the unique, yet open culture of Hindeloopen.


Experience Hindeloopen

Do you think Frisian is difficult enough to understand? In Hindeloopen they have a highly unusual accent: Hindeloopers. In this dialect, the medieval vowels are kept, resulting in a very distinctive sound. Hindeloopen used to be a city that lived from what nature offered. The people lived from fishing, the harbour and the sale of gin and wool…


From Tree of Life to Prosperity Birds

When one thinks of Hindeloopen, the mind naturally thinks about images of the typical Hindelooper painting style. Shen Yuan, the designer of the Flora & Fauna fountain in Hindeloopen, was also impressed by the craftsmanship and the history of this unique town.

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