When are the fountains active?

The fountains will be in hibernation from 1st of November until the day spring begins. On the 20th of March 2023 the fountains will start to clatter again. The fountain of Dokkum is active the entire year. And did you know that the fountain of Harlingen squirts unexpectedly like a real whale? In Franeker 'De Oortwolk' fountain has different forms of water. Steam and soflty clattering of water.

Waar kan ik de gidsen van de 11fountains kopen?

In de steden worden op diverse punten “officiële informatiegids van 11fountains” verkocht voor € 3,95.

Kun je de fonteinen op eigen gelegenheid bezichtigen?

Jazeker. Alle fonteinen staan in openbare ruimte, meestal op een plein midden in de stad. Zo zijn ze niet te missen en makkelijk te bereiken!

Is there a hiking, cycling or driving route to the fountains with overnight accommodation?

Yes, there is a cycling/motorized route that passes all fountains. The best option is to follow one of the well-known eleven cities routes. You will find all eleven cities routes on friesland.nl. This website also has information on many lovely accommodations, from B&B’s to group accommodations and hotels.

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