Where can I find the fountains?

The eleven fountains can be found in the eleven Frisian cities. In other words, Bolsward, Dokkum, IJlst, Franeker, Harlingen, Hindeloopen, Leeuwarden, Sloten, Sneek, Stavoren, and Workum. In each city, there is one unique fountain, each with its own story. You can find the location of each fountain here.

When are the fountains active?

The fountains will be in hibernation from 1st of November until the day spring begins. On the 20th of March 2023 the fountains will start to clatter again. The fountain of Dokkum is active the entire year. And did you know that the fountain of Harlingen squirts unexpectedly like a real whale? In Franeker 'De Oortwolk' fountain has different forms of water. Steam and soflty clattering of water.

How did the 11fountains come into existence?

11fountains is an international art project for Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018. The plan for top art in the eleven Frisian cities was part of the pitch that led to Leeuwarden becoming the Cultural Capital of Europe. The fountains were conceived and curated by artistic director Anna Tilroe, and each has its own story. Even without water (during the winter months), the fountains offer an artistic experience, making Friesland the largest sculpture garden in Europe. If you want to know more about the origin of the 11fountains, please visit 11fountains.nl.

Can I visit the fountains for free?

Yes, the fountains are located in public spaces, usually on a square in the city center, and can be visited independently.

Are the fountains accessible?

The fountains are generally accessible. The whale fountain in Harlingen has a longer walking distance than the other fountains.

Am I allowed to stand in or on the fountain?

No, you are not allowed to stand in or on the fountains, with the exception of the Bat fountain in Bolsward. You can access this fountain via the stairs located on the back of the bat. Additionally, you are allowed to touch the Ice Fountain in Dokkum. Will you leave your handprint in the ice on the fountain?

Can someone tell me more about the cities?

Each Frisian city has its own cityscape. The cityscapes are eager to tell you about their city and the fountain you can find there. Click here for all the stories from the various cityscapes.

Is there a program or events related to the fountains?

Kletterdei (Splashing Day) is the day when the eleven fountains in the eleven Frisian cities are turned on again after a months-long winter rest. This day is celebrated annually and takes place on the first day of spring.

You can find other activities on 11fountains.nl.

Where can I buy the guides for the fountains?

In the cities, "official information guides for 11fountains" are available for sale at various locations for €3.95. Additionally, an 11fountains magazine is freely available at the Tourist Information Points (VVV's) and Tourist Information Providers (TIP's) in the eleven cities and various places in Friesland.

Are there any walking/car/bike routes that go past the fountains?

Certainly! There are various routes that lead you to the eleven fountains.

Each fountain has its own walking route, among other options. You can find all the walking routes here. If you're looking for an eleven fountains route that you can travel by car or motorcycle, take a look here. For cycling, it's best to follow one of the well-known eleven cities routes. If you prefer to visit the eleven cities by boat, check out this boating route that covers all eleven cities.

You can find more routes along the eleven cities via this link.

Can you visit the fountains on your own convenience?

Certainly. All fountains are located in public spaces, usually on a square in the centre of the city. This way, they are hard to miss and easy to access!