Wanneer staan de fonteinen aan?

De fonteinen gaan elk jaar aan op Kletterdei (Klaterdag). Dit jaar (2022) is dat op maandag 21 maart. De fontein in Dokkum staat het hele jaar aan. En wist je dat de Walvis fontein in Harlingen net als een echte walvis heel onverwacht kan spuiten? In Franeker heeft de Oortwolk fontein verschillende vormen van water. Soms stoom, soms een zacht klateren van water.

Waar kan ik de gidsen van de 11fountains kopen?

In de steden worden op diverse punten “officiële informatiegids van 11fountains” verkocht voor € 3,95.

Can I visit the fountains on my own, when I follow the guidelines of the Dutch government?

Yes, absolutely. All fountains are in the public space, usually on a square in the heart of the city. We ask you to follow the Covid-19 rules set by the Dutch government and to practice social distancing. This means that you may have to wait a while before you can make a selfie with the fountain or take a photo of the fountain without people. Especially in the busier cities like Sneek and Leeuwarden, we ask you to show consideration for others and to come back at a more quiet time, if needed.

Is there a hiking, cycling or driving route to the fountains with overnight accommodation?

Yes, there is a cycling/motorized route that passes all fountains. The best option is to follow one of the well-known eleven cities routes. You will find all eleven cities routes on friesland.nl. This website also has information on many lovely accommodations, from B&B’s to group accommodations and hotels.

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