Tree of life from China

Hindeloopen 03-2018

Shen Yuan makes her tree of life herself in China. She does this in collaboration with a studio she regularly works with, where her wishes and way of working are known.

17 July 2017: Shen Yuan has sculpted the tree in clay.

26 January 2018: The tree is cast in gold-coloured copper.

11 February 2018: The tree is welded to a frame to ship it safely in a sea container to Rotterdam.

13 February 2018: PAX Integrated Logistics in Joure pulls out all the stops to get the container on board of this ship just before the Chinese New Year. And that’s fortunate because not long after, everyone in China has at least three weeks of holiday and all the work is at a standstill. That much delay would have jeopardized a timely delivery.
We can follow the journey online. After a month, the ship has passed the Suez Canal and is near Cairo. On the 22nd of March our tree arrives in Rotterdam, where the container is held by customs for another week and a half. On the 3rd of April the tree of life finally arrives in Hindeloopen.