The fish gets its shape

Stavoren 03-2018

De The Fish Fountain for Stavoren is built by fountain specialist Rots Maatwerk, the company that also works on the fountains of Hindeloopen and IJlst. They execute the design that Ron Holthuysen of Scientific Art Studio developed together with artist Mark Dion. Above you can see the model and below you can see the final version.

First of all, the frame is made. The water pipes and power cables are connected to the frame. This also gives the fish a strong skeleton.

5 February 2018:

The fish’s frame

Technical drawing

nozzles made of ‘foam sources’

9 February 2018:

14 February 2018:

Ready to be upholstered

Early March 2018:

The skin of the fish is milled into pieces of PIR foam and then assembled around the frame.

5 March 2018:
The mouth still has to be constructed, but the finishing process of the body has already started. First the seams between the blocks are closed and the details are refined by hand. Then a counterform (a negative, as it were) is made, which serves as a mould to cast the epoxy skin. In this way, all details are kept. Once the skin has hardened, it is positioned around the fish, to be painted at a later stage.

12 March 2018:
The skin is on the body, but still needs to be painted.

March 13, 2018:

The mouth is being constructed. There are a lot of people working on it constantly. A fish like this takes time to get finished!

March 19, 2018:

The head is on the fish.