Sperm whale scale model


At Zephyr Wildlife the clay model of the sperm whale is finished and agreed upon by the artists Allora & Calzadilla. A digital 3D model will be made of this clay one, based upon which the engineering will be done. Adonin in Harlingen will calculate the necessary strength of the frame and foundation.

Harlingen was once a town dedicated to the whaling industry. Today, we no longer strive to kill these huge, majestic animals, but to save their lives instead. Especially now that, with increasing frequency and for reasons that remain unclear, we are finding them stranded in shallow water. The Harlingen fountain depicts a highly life-like sperm whale. He lays by the South pier as if lost, although from time to time his powerful spout provides a clear sign of life. The Whale fountain illustrates the enormous effects of human activity on all living creatures in the sea.