Sperm whale scale model


At Zephyr Wildlife the clay model of the sperm whale is finished and agreed upon by the artists Allora & Calzadilla. A digital 3D model will be made of this clay one, based upon which the engineering will be done. Adonin in Harlingen will calculate the necessary strength of the frame and foundation.

Harlingen used to be all about whaling. Nowadays we no longer kill these big and grandiose animals, but prefer to conserve them. For reasons that are unclear, they are now, more than ever, found stranded in shallow waters. The fountain of Harlingen is a lifelike sperm whale. He lies as if he is lost in the Zuiderpier, but, from time to time, his powerful water jet proves that he is still alive. And so ‘The Whale’ testifies to the enormous effect that man has on everything that lives in the sea.