Opening market square and Ice Fountain Dokkum

Dokkum 02-2019

The Ice Fountain on the Market square in Dokkum by visual artist Birthe Leemeijer marks the completion of the 11fountain project. It was a long and exciting journey, but on the 22nd of February we will reach the finish!

The fountain will look different every day. Ice flowers, ice formations and ice patterns are formed one moment and disappear the next. It all depends on the position of the sun, the humidity, temperature, wind and precipitation. The fountain is a plaything of the natural elements.

With the arrival of the Ice Fountain, the redevelopment of the Market has been completed.

Many companies, designers, engineers, paviours, organizers, technicians, thinkers, policy makers, sponsors and residents have made it possible to realize what seemed impossible.


16.15 Reception in the church Grote of Sint-Martinuskerk

16.30 Official programme

17.15 Unveiling Ice Fountain on the Market Square

17.30 End

You are more than welcome in the Grote of Sint-Martinuskerk or on the Market Square!