Japanse artist works with Frisian companies

IJlst 03-2018

The fountain of IJlst was conceived in Japan, but is made almost entirely in the area of IJlst. While in Japan, Shinji Ohmaki keeps an eye on the production of the artwork and is regularly consulted.

The companies involved are Berco (IJlst), Douma Staal (Sneek), Wettersnijer/ Koopman Metaal (IJlst), Metalfinish (Joure), Elzinga (Jirnsum), Friso Bouwgroep (Sneek), PAX Integrated Logistics (Joure) and EFKO Beton (Uitwellingerga). Rots maatwerk (Brummen) is in charge of the fountain technique and Mannen van Staal (Leeuwarden) gave advice.