Fortuna’s Fountain Stephan Balkenhol

A man with a Horn of Plenty stands on a golden ball in the middle of the water. The image refers to Fortuna, the goddess of fortune and the patron saint of cities, families and people. The overflowing horn symbolises the material well-being of all the happy people who come into contact with it. But the golden orb rotates constantly around its axis, so that the water, like the fluctuations of fortune, becomes an unpredictable, wild force. The over- abundance which pours over us can be taken away, just as quickly, by fate. Just as it was in the history of Sneek.
New cultural heritage
in eleven Dutch cities
New cultural heritage
in eleven Dutch cities

bronze, coating
more than 3 m high

Inspiration: Sneek’s periods of great prosperity and decline
Location: in the water of the Hoogend, the old city centre

Stephan Balkenhol

Stephan Balkenhol (1957) is considered one of the most important contemporary sculptors. His human figures carved out of wood or made in bronze play with us or gently illuminate the oh-so-human history of a city or location. In Sneek, a city with a long, historical link with Germany, his fountain is reminiscent of the alternating periods of prosperity and adversity. Just like life itself.