Flora & Fauna Shen Yuan

The city coat of arms, with its tree of life, with the deer and the doe surrounding it, is the source of inspiration for the fountain in Hindeloopen. The tree symbolises the energy of life, but also stands for wisdom. The deer and the doe feed on this. Now wondrous exotic birds sit in the tree. When you sit on the big, wooden antlers that surround the tree, you can see how they ‘talk’ to each other in waterspouts. About us?
New cultural heritage
in eleven Dutch cities
New cultural heritage
in eleven Dutch cities

copper, steel, Accoya wood, stone
tree: 3,6 m high, 2,5 m wide; antlers: 7,5 m long, 2,1 m high

Inspiration: The Hindeloopen city crest
Location: the lawn by the Nieuweweg

Shen Yuan

Shen Yuan (1959) is one of the few female Chinese artists who has broken into the international art world. In all her work she shows that cultures constantly influence each other, but that you do not have to deny your background. In her work you always find traces of traditional Chinese art combined with impressive craftsmanship. All this fits seamlessly with Hindeloopen’s distinctive, and yet open culture.