Companies in Harlingen and Belgium make the whale together


To make The Whale Fountain for Harlingen, Harlinger companies are working close together. They have the specialist know-how and above all the know exactly what forces of nature come to play in the harbour where The Whale will be situated right in the water among the ships. The engineering and the fabrication of the frame, the foundation and the spraying installation are in safe hands with Adonin, De Boer & De Groot and Visser SMP.


The Whale itself will be made by Zephyr Wildlife in Belgium. They specialize in making realistic replicas and reconstructions of people, animals and objects, often commissioned by natural history and prehistoric museums. A few examples of what they can do:

They even made a beached sperm whale before. The Whale for Harlingen will seem very much alive though!

Harlingen used to be all about whaling. Nowadays we no longer kill these big and grandiose animals, but prefer to conserve them. For reasons that are unclear, they are now, more than ever, found stranded in shallow waters. The fountain of Harlingen is a lifelike sperm whale. He lies as if he is lost in the Zuiderpier, but, from time to time, his powerful water jet proves that he is still alive. And so ‘The Whale’ testifies to the enormous effect that man has on everything that lives in the sea.