Exposition ‘Meet the fountains’

NOV 2019 - FEB 2020

You won’t have seen the fountains like this before! Commissioned by 11fountains, Erik and Petra Hesmerg photographed the fountains as they splash and splatter in each city. Dokkum was photographed by Jacob van Essen. The Frisian photographers Heleen Haijtema and Tryntsje Nauta created a poetic translation for each fountain. With eleven autonomous images they pay homage to the fountains. Each image is a free interpretation, based on the history of the city and the ideas of the artist.

This photo series in combination with photos and texts about the 11fountains encourages visitors to reflect. Erik and Petra Hesmerg are specialized in and passionate about photographing three-dimensional objects. Jacob van Essen works as a professional photographer at Fotobureau Hoge Noorden. Heleen Haijtema & Tryntsje Nauta work together occasionally and have done so since the very beginning of LF2018.

In 2013 they made a first photo series for the Final Selection of European Capital of Culture 2018; the bidbook. After five years, this photo series for 11fountains is the last joint series under the flag of LF2018. The exhibition ‘Meet the fountains’ – a different perspective on the fountains is on display at various locations in Fryslân.

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