A glimpse of The Oort Cloud


The Parisian Studio Othoniel has its workshop in Saint Die, near the Swiss border. Project manager Thomas Patrix comes by to check on the progress of making The Oort Cloud Fountain. Jean-Michel Othoniel prefers not to reveil too much, but we may shoot a short preview.


The fountain is an ode to the world-famous astronomer Jan Hendrik Oort, who was born in Franeker. His assumption that a ‘cloud’ of billions of comet-like objects is moving around our solar system was a breakthrough in astronomy. The fountain is designed as a series of waterfalls that flow into the water basin from a bowl, along a vertical chain of night-coloured pearls. One of the pearls is silver-coloured, like the colour of the moon, another is gilded, the colour of the sun. ‘The Oort Cloud’ fountain itself is a mist of fine droplets falling from a gold-coloured mesh into the bowl.